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We strive to create a trusted experience with our clients to deliver on every promise to fix your problems.​


We can assure that we will provide the best programs and products to appropriately handle all your technical needs.


With remote and in-person services we are able to provide support at our clients convenience.

We're changing the world with technology.

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CPS Technology is here for every specific technical need. We are motivated  to deliver fast and accurate solutions and project collaberations for individuals and businesses. Contact us to find out how our IT services can benefit you today!

Popular Services

IT Management

We create customized networking, hardware, and support for all businesses. To provide the best approach to keep your information secure and organized to keep your business striving.

Computer Repair

If your computer is running slow, or programs aren’t working, we can provide a full computer diagnostic to assess what problems you may be having and take the next steps to fixing it.

Data Backup & Data Recovery

We provide secure, encrypted backup programs in the event that you may experience data loss or hard drive failure.

Customers reviews

What people say?

I always take my computer equipment to CPS. I've always been extremely satisfied.
This last time I had a hardware isse with a Hewlett-Packard. They would not mae good on a obvious iss with their hinges.
CPS as usual, helped me even when HO would not. They only charged m for the hinge, not a dollar labor and even extended a one year warranty. I highly recommend
Michelle C.
I've always used CPS for my computer equipment needs and travel quite a distance to do so. Always courteous, professional service. I highly recommend them.
Dennis H.

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