7 Tech Tips To Improve Productivity

7 Tech Tips to Improve Productivity

everyone loves to work efficiently on their devices to help them have the most optimized potential to the performance of their devices. With these quick and easy shortcuts can help you improve your productivity in your daily live.

1.Adjust Facebook Privacy

Click on your account profile and go to the tab >Privacy Checkup This is where you can customize and set how people can see your posts, profile, and other information facebook displays.

2.Clear Your Cache in Seconds

To quickly clear your cache press Ctrl + Shift + R. This will refresh your page

3.Looking For a specific website you were on days ago?

By pressing Windows key + Tab will allow you to view recent activity you’ve been on.

4.Clean out apps for more storage 

Apps that you haven’t used in so long can still be taking up data space on your devices for apple products go to your icloud account and this can give you a quick summary of the apps and how much data storage they are using, This easy management system can help you determine which apps you do and not need. 

5.Unsend a email

Nobody’s perfect and we may have errors or grammar mistakes in a recent email that we already sent to someone. 

To undo an email go  to your settings in Gmail in the Undo Send section you will change the default from 5 seconds to the appropriate amount of time you need. After you change it click save changes at the bottom

6.Reopen recently closed browsers

Moving too fast and accidentally closed the tab you were working on?

This quick fix can help you save time looking through your history.

Press Ctrl + Shift+ T on your PC or Command +Shift +T on your Mac to automatically reopen your previously closed tab 

7.Cancel Paid Subscriptions easily on Iphone

Want to cancel a subscription this useful tip can has the convenience of allowing you to easily access subscriptions and cancel them at any time.

Select apple ID> ITunes & App store> Apple ID> View ID. Paid Subscriptions> Cancel your subscription or change your plan easily. 

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