Voice over Internet Protocol

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Voice over Internet Protocol

Traditionally, landlines and other similar voice systems were used to transport voice call information. However, advancements in the internet have turned this form of communication nearly obsolete. In order to keep up with demand, businesses and individuals alike are switching to VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol.

VoIP systems utilize the internet to send and receive voice communication. Instead of relying on telephone cables, VoIP sends information through Internet Protocol networks. VoIP communication is notably more efficient and less costly when compared to traditional landline communication, making it a great choice to switch to.

Headphones used for Voice over Internet Protocol.

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Internet Protocol based phone device.

Where CPS VoIP Services Make a Difference

It is a great choice to switch from landline to VoIP; not only will communication be faster and easier, but your telephone bill will be nonexistent. However, it is important to note that making the transition should be performed correctly and knowledgeably in order to avoid issues that could hinder your performance and productivity when switching. This is where the experts at CPS can step in: we offer an affordable and comprehensive solution to switch so that you can seamlessly transition from phone lines to VoIP technology.

A primary concern with switching to VoIP is that this system is highly reliant on your internet connection. A weak internet connection could spell disaster for your system, with poor audio quality and potentially dropped calls being some of the symptoms of this issue. Our team at CPS Technology understands that you want your VoIP technology to be a worthwhile investment, so we will help mitigate these problems as we perform your VoIP setup. We won't stop at initially preparing your VoIP system; if you encounter issues with internet connectivity, security risks, or have other questions or concerns, we will be diligent in resolving these problems in a quick and professional manner.

We are excited to see how VoIP can transform your communication. Contact us today with any questions about how we can help you make the transition.

Benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP is slowly becoming the communication standard among businesses and individuals alike. Understanding the advantages of VoIP is key in making the decision to switch to using this new and exciting technology.

Simple Setup

Setting up a new phone line is expensive and requires new hardware to be purchased. With VoIP technology, phone numbers can be purchased online and there is no need for new wiring or phone hardware.


Utilizing VoIP means that you won't be paying expensive telephone bills anymore. The cost of your communication will be encapsulated in your internet bill, making VoIP significantly cheaper.

Readily Available Service

VoIP service can be easily accessed from anywhere at anytime. The lack of physical telephone infrastructure eliminates the need for customer support to arrive at a physical location.

Portable and Accessible

Virtual numbers using VoIP remain static, regardless of your location. Additionally, with a good internet connection, VoIP calls can be made from anywhere, granting freedom to those on your VoIP system.

Stay Ahead

VoIP has numerous advantages that can provide a considerable boost to your productivity and communication. Reach out to us to learn how you can take advantage of this technology and make the switch from phone lines to VoIP today.