Computer Virus What Is It and How To Prevent It

Computer Virus What Is It and How To Prevent It

What is a computer virus?

A computer virus is a code encryption used by hackers whose main focus is to infect/damage a device or steal your data. It spreads from host to host to duplicate itself on multiple platforms, but in order to do so it must link itself to programs and files.

How does a virus attack?

There are various ways for a virus to link to your devices. They can be spread through emails and text messages, internet downloads,and social media scam links. You can also get viruses on your mobile devices by downloading sketchy but appealing apps. 

When a virus has successfully linked to a file, program, document, or even network it will stay unrecognizable for a prolonged period of time until it has completely encrypted its code. In order for the virus to infect the device the program or data must be opened and run to allow it access. 

Once the virus has infected one computer it can spread to other devices that are using the same network. Having access to personal passwords and data, spamming emails, unwanted popups, and even causing ransom threats by taking over your device and causing frustrating disruptions. 

Some viruses can be minor, but others can cause a storm of events like erasing data or causing permanent damage to your hard drive. Rarely but not uncommon some viruses can also have the intentions of having a benefit to try to gain financial benefits. 

What are the Signs?

Spam emails: Hackers can gain access to your account and send various emails that may look authentic, but can be infected.

Pop-up Windows: Many unsecure websites and apps can have pop-ups that can be tactics to follow links to allow hackers to gain access and put viruses on your devices. These can be hard to ignore and click out of.

Slow startups and performances: A change in speed to load programs can be the first signal that you may have a virus. 

Unwanted password changes: Unintentional password and login lockouts can be caused by viruses accessing your data.

How to protect your devices

Have a trusted and secure antivirus program: There are many antivirus protection programs that can guarantee your data will be secured. Giving you frequent and up to date diagnostics on your devices performance and notifications if you might have threats. 

Avoid clicking on pop-up ads.

Scan your emails before opening.

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